Baja 1000 Results

Tony Gera captured the 2016 Baja 1000 Pro Moto Ironman Championship after a hard fought race in the Mexican Peninsula.  Jeff Benrud led a majority of the race in Baja as Tony had several rear tire failures, a front headlight malfunction, and the rear brake was broken causing Tony and his team to stop and repair the bike.

Riders are deducted 10 minutes for missing a Virtual Check Point, a VCP that is placed throughout the 850 + mile course.  Tony missed three checkpoints along the way and some of the competitors in the class lost far more – resulting in Tony’s win.

Tony shifted strategies this year going with a Honda 450 which was clocked by the SCORE International spot sensors of reaching 117 mph on the course. Listen to Tony’s quick reaction after arriving at his home in Santa Cruz.

Baja 500: Race reactions

The 2016 Baja 500 was one of the most challenging races in history.  With temperatures reaching over 120 degrees in sections of the course, and some of the more challenging conditions of the terrain, more than half of the participants did not finish.  I was one of them – due to a rupture of my radiator core.  Most importantly, a few of my competitors in the motorcycle class perished in the race and many others suffered from heat stroke and exhaustion.

Since January, I have been filming a behind the scenes film on my desert racing career with filmmaker Michael Accorsi at Accorsi Studios.  After returning home from Baja, we sat down to record a piece for the film, but I thought it would be good to share it now with emotions still running high from this year’s race.

Believe it or not, I have already begun preparation for the Baja 1000 this November (and the 500 race bike hasn’t even been cleaned yet).  One of my goals is to expand my racing team to included top industry and product leaders to assemble the resources to put us in championship contention.  Please visit my Sponsor page to see how you can help build our racing team.

The Countdown to Baja has started!

We are leaving for Baja this week.  The KX 500 is looking good we just prepared the suspension – front and rear for the SCORE International course announcement.  We are quite familiar with this course having run it a few years ago.


Once everything is squared away with bike prep, its off to Baja for pre-running.  We’re excited to get going.  How to track Tony at the 500?  SCORE International will be posting results online.  We will do the best we can to post results and updates when we have wireless/phone access on our Facebook page.

KX500 Baja 500

Wish Tony Good Luck with this year’s race by posting your message online.  Tony Gera Facebook Page

Baja 500 Course MapdownloadThe Baja 500 is here –  the 2nd Event of the 2016 SCORE International Desert racing underway.  We are proud to have clinched the title for the San Felipe 250 Ironman Class.  The 500 is especially important race is important to our team to get in make a strong finish to secure the SCORE Championship.

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